Saturday, January 10, 2009

Walking Destinies

“When you feel that the idle vein is returning upon you, close your eyes, and take a walk”, said my auld friend of auld times.

“With open eyes in the daytime, I seem to stumble upon dark mountains. My waking life has much of the confusion, trouble and obscure perplexity of a bad dream. I can’t do what you ask me to do”, said I in auld times.

“You don’t need sleep to induce dreams, do you? Just close your eyes, and walk through your dreams. Remember, that the dreams didn’t knock at your door; you knocked at the door of dreams. Play the guest and fancy yourself to any degree or standing as you please! But make sure you walk out unmolested”, said my auld friend of auld times.

“For, the credit of my imagination, I’m ashamed to confess that how prosaic my dreams have grown. They are never romantic, seldom even colorful. I can never have that fine dream, which you are talking about, and what if I knock and a nightmare opens the door?” said I in auld times.

“Tell me what sort of nightmares you have?” asked my auld friend of auld times.

“I don’t know. I can’t tell you”, said I in auld times.

“Every nightmare has a face and a name!” said my auld friend of auld times.

“Yea, it has a face and a name too, but to take it, will lead to associations, dates, and memories, and all the other furniture that needs to be discarded”, I replied in auld times.

“A nightmare doesn’t last forever. But, after sometime when your walking destinies return you to this neighborhood again, I promise your nightmare would’ve lost its face. You won’t see me again. I can’t take away my name though, I fear, it’ll have to stay with you forever. You may open your eyes now!” said my auld friend of auld times.

“But it is time to close. Your importance is from the past.” I say in present times!

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onelife said...

the best way to freak out is "fantasy"!

d post was simply FANTASTIC ;)

Abhishek said...

a name brings with it associations, dates.......i loved that line :)

maybe tht's the reason why most bloggers prefer a "he" or "she".


Debasish.. said...

Dreams r too too BIG to understand.
And Nightmares..I still dunno.

what a Post! WoW :)