Monday, October 31, 2011

Too Early, Love

There’s a new man in town,
Who takes me on clandestine drives,
And we sin casually,
Very casually,
There’s nothing much that
We can do for each other.
On dark, deserted stretches of concrete
Where his manhood oozes out
On my female stillness,
A smile breaks out in my mind
Love has now become
A detached thing;
A mere force of habit,
That comes to us like madness,
That grows and stirs, and
Then lies meekly exhausted
In casual smiles and goodbyes.

This, too, is love,
This passion in the breast,
That beats for casual affairs of the night
And makes a mockery of souls
For the rest of the day,

Yes, there’s a new man in town,
Who takes me on clandestine drives,
And makes me sin casually,
Very casually.

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Anonymous said...

a 'woman in love'...

Mayz said...

I like the rawness of the words. No hold barred expressions of lust

hary_boy said...

well written.... your verses are now making sense to the common lot like me....

MarkSalesRep said...

This poetry is beautiful. I went through hard times in my life and it is so inspirational. Please take a look at my story.