Friday, August 8, 2008


It was drizzling; a drizzle where individual drops have their own stories to tell. The breeze; fresh and damp; making the drizzle dance to its tune, compelled her heart to recover itself in the interval, and rise and sound like music played to a happy tune. She smiled, coz she knew that she had finally made peace with herself; an act, that had stretched itself to an unconscionable length of time. She had learnt to forgive herself!!

There was still a leaning towards him, but the true relishing was over, the close familiar friendship; dissolved. But, oh, she wanted to cry; one last time. She tried but, couldnt. She shouted, she screamed. Nothing reached her ears; except a fresh shower of rain coming. The pain remained. Unreleased. The nameless pain from which one feels there can be no way out, other than absolute despair.

In an agony of emotion, she found her way mechanically into the adjoining room, and fell on her knees by the side of his bed. She knew she could never move on. Thinking of a thought, without an ineffectual turning and reference to him was unattainable. It was clear, she thought, that it was love for a real person, however transient it may have been.

" Acknowledgement of her own feelings ", was the only indemnity that she could offer to her grieving heart. Images of the past exceeded beyond, memories................reminding her of what they had been, and seemed to offer a surer ground for resting on..................than the things which were there today and maybe gone tomorrow...........

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debasish.. said...

"Thinking of a thought, without an ineffectual turning... "

I wonder, how can u say so much without actually telling anything.

Anupam said...

Maya hmmm...............i find a piece of Maya in every girl n dats wat makes dem so special.
moving on is really difficult.........but dats d only gift evolution has given us......
i liked dat thing abt acknowledgment acting as indemnity
btw was maya d gal's name or does it mean maya as in kind of illusions?

onelife said...

why dnt u switch to poetry instead, its a much better platform 4 ur kinda thoughts. now its just a suggestion, u hv a classic rep of wasting time on d silly ones as well, so chill maar ;-)

Deepika said...

* debasish

thanx dude............i told you dat u've to go through certain things in life to actually write about them :)

* anupam

well here maaya is more like an aptronymy, bend it anyway u like.

wow dats a new thing to hear tht every gal has a piece of maaya.......but Mr Beethoven how r u so sure of tht??

but at times our grtest gifts becum r major weaknesses......wat say;)

* onelife

hmmm....thnx 4 suggestin but poetry is wat gifted ppl undertake, not like second raters like its crude prose 4 me :)