Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Prelude

How often,
At this hour of the night,
I’m reminded of a
Private fantasy;
Of being driven mad
With love,
When held
By the length of
My unruly tresses…

Now Playing:: Jajabara........Akhaya Mohanty


Amrita said...

wow. lovely.

Deepika said...

thanks Amrita; thank you for being generous with the comment :))

shruti said...

ah! the fantasies ..how romantic deepu.me went to my own fantasy world reading that :)

Deepika said...

would so love to hear some of yours shruti ;)

Mayz said...


didnt sound anythin like love

but wateva emotion there was that came out....was pretty intriguing

Deepika said...


of course, love means different things to different people; for me, it's raw, it's over-powering, the raw sensuality that best describes the male-female puzzle.

oh, btw, thanks a ton for spending time out here :)