Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not a Love poem

You’ve grown older, older than I had expected
You to be… how wretched you look, how
Handsome you talk! Meet me at the old junction
Sometime, I promise I’ll behave. Weren’t we sixteen
Together? Do you dig into time, often? I do.
I would
Tell you how much I missed you.
No, I promised
I would behave. I would probably drive you down to
A crowded coffee house and we’ll sit softly amidst
Modern Love. You can talk books, Rumi if you prefer?
I would read him one of these days, I would say.
We would stay as long as the coffee in the cup; we’re
Older now, we know that works. I would drive you back
To where you were picked, and we would shake hands to
Seal the monotony of an evening that we don’t want anymore.
I promised I would behave…

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