Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Tell me reader, what is it that you do when you’ve all the time in the world just for yourself? You know, times like when you feel as if you’re passing out of Time into Eternity and all! Ok, now don’t even bother to answer that one for; these are precisely the moments when you feel as if your head is running upon you in your madness, as much almost as on another person, who seems to be the more immediate cause of your frenzy, than your dear self! So did you make anything out of the above documented so-called sagacious stuff? Ha, obviously “no”, so let’s quit our mutual “idiot wonder” and talk something “light”!

Well talking of something “light”, reminds me of my blogging journey, which to inform you has reached its first milestone of a hundred posts, and with this one the count gets to one-oh-one! Thank you dear reader for frequenting this space of eternally recurring madness and so crammed of incoherent thinking (that’s because at times even I do not understand what I indite), you know it’s more like a mad rush of thoughts having an orgasm! But it’s marvelous how this freedom of thought operates and most blogs I realize are indeed ‘confessions’, albeit prompted by different themes.

Do confess, fellow bloggers, but confess fairly, cautiously, more in a self-pleasing manner, and a naturalness that should not seem strange to you, or else insensibly your visitors will become fewer in number, and will come less frequently.

I do wanna write more reader but somewhere I lost the punch and there’s hardly a point in writing in so rambling and inconclusive a manner, so I better take your leave for now.

Until then……..

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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Flamboyance of Lust II

Do not knock,
Walk right in.
Recline in my bean bag,
Or fall back against me, and
Wait, while I do
What I think proper to please you,
The innocent-little things,
The imagined-the expected.

You think of all
Those women whom
You had wished to know, but
For once
Explore the wide wilderness
Of a young girl;
She’ll make you small and

For centuries your Kind
Has been clinging to
Famished nipples,
‘married for eleven years’, you say,
And you still wonder
What nakedness is?
Oh! And you do notice
The couple next door!

But, none thought of love!

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