Friday, December 11, 2009

A Note to the Reader

Exams are now knocking on my dreams, doors, windows, and every other place where there is occasion for knocking, and therefore in times like these “creativity” hits an all time low. In one word, posts out here will be posted post exams. So come back again in Jan twenty-ten and we’ll celebrate a late new year together. Until then happy thinking and happy reading (my older posts I mean).

Ok now study time… no nap time I guess!

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Brutal Paradox

Some men are like seasonal fruits…available
For once in the lifetime of a woman, and expensive too!
You don’t buy them in kilos! You pluck them! You wash them
To adorn your dining tables during the day and when the sun
Sets in the western skies you slice them into shapeless lumps,
Making them small and edible!

You might ask me, “who then has the upper hand in this
Passionate turbulence?” “Undoubtedly, the man!” I say.
Oh, don’t blow your feminist trumpet yet, just hear me out.
Answer me fellow women, isn’t it a submissive dominance
To make a pigmy of your body to his hardened flesh and blood,
And is not it a man’s loss when a woman feigns; punishing

Him when he fails to please! For centuries now, our bodies
Have been sullied with pecker tales of all kinds…but now
Let it give on till it can give no more, for we know what makes
A man, a man after all! And therefore, thrive for men more
Excellent than yourselves…pluck them when they’re ripe,
And let them rot with wild ambitions on your virginal beds!

Strip down to your soul and let him see your naked form;
Intimidate; and then allow him to sink into you; let him
Crush your womb and empty it of every drop of blood;
Make him toil, toil and toil. In the end, dear men and
Women, both realize the brutal paradox of sex;
Both get crushed to be elated!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yes, Professor!

The department wore a deserted look as in mourning… and what a place it is to be in the reading room in these hours! The walks at these times, dear reader are so much one’s own that you can scarcely perceive how much it leaves one ‘changed’.

As I slipped in unperceived into a grove of Sandal Trees stealthily watching two women making love… when a familiar smell and taste of tobacco sent my entire being into a visible flutter.

Oh what bliss it was to watch him smoke, smoke and smoke! With the object of my longing and desire carelessly stranded in between the digits of his left, and those of the right occasionally coming down from his temples to flip the pages… he looked like a painter’s delight (and that my dear reader is no exaggeration).

Blessed with a language of exactitude; and speaking in terms of ‘thesis…antithesis…and synthesis’ his lectures have always affected the metaphysics… often raising the wonder and surprise of the listeners. He has the appearance of a saint but one increasingly becomes conscious of the unsaintly malicious glint lingering in his eyes. Ah! What a man to listen and admire forever!

And today watching him tame fire merely rifled his charms adding a triumph to my kink of getting attracted to older men….

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