Sunday, June 12, 2011

Between Us

It was the only unpleasantness between us;
He smelt like a man,
Like rough,
I was forever
Rank with dampness,
A mere
Locked-up smell,
Gushing with
Margins of errors,
Pining, Pining
To be, filled…

Now Playing:: Jajabara.........Akhaya Mohanty

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

At Dusk

If you could just wait for a while,
I would tell you how I met him.
Have you ever been alone with anyone
In the graying darkness of an evening?

No, there wouldn’t be any secrets
Between you and I. It was him, darling,
It was him again…
It’s terrible, it’s terrible, and there was
Something terrible in me too,

He was strong, darling, very strong,
I was wild on breath…
It’s terrible, darling, it’s terrible.

Now Playing:: Raat ka shauk hai...........Guru