Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On Shores of Auld Romances

Never visit the forgotten shores of auld romances,
Darling, no matter how horribly alone you feel
When the darkness closes in. There is something in
Degenerate romances, my love. They would reach
Out to you, they would make you talk, they would
Make you beg, and like termites they would empty
You of your pride.

If an unguided ramble takes you along those
Shores, stand facing the sea and hear it roar. Oh!
How we traffic in pain darling! Enough of it! The
Sea might give you the ruthless blows, my love,
But it will also make you feel stronger. Now walk
Away. Softly. Silently. Shut your thoughts darling
They’re filled with cold words.

Walk on. Walk on my love. Somewhere a new
Love is waiting to grow.

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Tushar Mangl said...

Greatly written

Anonymous said...

love the way u say "auld" ;)