Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Flamboyance of Lust!

The Indian sun and the summer heat,
Vital heat;
I know sensuality lures irresistibly.
What are you waiting for, silly?
Look at me,
I walk out of the bathroom,
No raiment on.
Don’t wait for the sun to set;
Its noon, a time for wild love.
Come, make your move darling!

Quit playing with my hands,
You know my mind’s racing
Towards love.
Crucify love into sex.
The buzzing sound of the coolers
Will drown our moans,
Wait no more darling!

Oh, this theatre of enervation,
This vestibule of unresolved tensions,
Oh, the flamboyance of lust!
And, you talk of love darling, when
I offer you lust, and a fall-into
Heat, sweat, weariness
And nudity!

Life is a cruel mockingbird darling,
You are a man, and
I, a woman,
What else are we made for darling?

Now Playing:: Agar tum na hote…………….Kishore

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nostalgic Deceptions

You want to forget, but you cannot. Someday it will be buried deep, but it will not be forgotten. The earliest impressions keep burning into you, in spite of all the resistance and experience; maybe there are more skins that are yet to be peeled off. To say the truth, its time, the thing were gone. The humor of the thing ( some things tend to be humorous when recollected after a considerable length of time ), if there was ever much in it, is pretty well exhausted and it would be vain to drag it any further. I am now at liberty to confess but I realize that even confessions are intelligent in nature, and that my confessions should be natural in a self-pleasing quaintness, than intend to affect a naturalness that should be strange to me. You see, I’ll have to continue living with myself in spite of the confessions!

p.s: And yet to every bad there is a worse……..lets wait and watch….

Now Playing:: Raat ka shauk hai………………Guru