Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Namesake!

I don’t mind when
You explore my contours.
I don’t mind when
You slash your way in.
I don’t mind when
You leave tokens of lust on my body.
I don’t mind when
You leave your flavor
In every nook and cranny of
My being!

I don’t mind
Any of these darling.
But, I do mind darling,
I do mind…
I do mind, when you
Take my name!
I don’t claim autonomy
I hate it!
Let me save some face darling,
Don’t let people know me
By my name!

Now Playing:: Yaad…………………………Shehzad Roy

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


On most nights the need
To feign is paramount, after all
Not all bodies speak the
Same language!

And when he’s done,
I saunter into the streets,
Applying my knuckles to
Other people’s doors.

Turned out like a dog
I retreat to the river bank,
Where I hear strange, wild
Men come to take refuge at nights.

They lure me with their
Occult theories and practices
Involving the gracious business of
The bodies. I, turn in!

The morning-after, neighbours find me
Helpless, like a worm by the way side,
Crushed, bleeding lifeless. They ask me,

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Virgin!

She keeps stretching her
One dimensional nudity,
On sheets of white, waiting
For long hours for
The hallucinations to end,
For the limbs of the man
To recede, but she still feels
Them reaching out for her!

The calm of fulfillment keeps
Eluding her forever. Love becomes
Sex and sex becomes love, and
Both defile each other again and

She beats her sorry breasts
For a moment, her tongue tastes
Blood oozing from a pair of
Parched lips, and lust keeps
Eating her to the point of

What’s the point in having
The devices, she thinks?
When she has so few places
To hasten to?

Now Playing:Ek baat kahoon……………..Golmaal

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Face Off!

No, it stood upon its own merits fairly. There it was. It was his mark, his token; that which he was known by.

P.S. But, most faces, involving notions, are hard enough to render; it is too much to expect me to translate a sound, a face, and give an elegant version to a jingle. I am not Ayn Rand!

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