Friday, May 14, 2010

Out Loud!

“We’re running late darling… the dial is blank… can you see the hands?”

“Never mind, it’s never too late.”

“Oh! It would be dumb and awkward to learn walking all over again!”

“Perhaps the darkness will make it easy.”

“Yes, yes. I hope my thin limbs remain anonymous and there are no pauses in the walk.”

“Even if there are pauses, you can always arrange your limbs and keep going… I see children doing that all the time.”

“Why don’t you tell me something that I do not wish to hear?”

“You are a happy woman!”

Now Playing:: Salaam-e-ishq....................Lata & Kishore


Abhishek said...

the clock is crushed yet she wont be late n a "happy woman".....good irony!

Deepika said...

hey abhi thanks yaar :D

janani sampath said...

I call that unrelenting support :)

Deepika said...

@ Janani

ah that was quite a thought! yes unrelenting it is!