Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It’s quiet now; he has stopped playing the piano,
He might resume it sometime later. It’s quiet now.
For a while. I can’t recall faces anymore, an eye here,
A nose there, a body waxed thin in the memory,
Each looking like a clone of the other. Faces contradict
The names; it’s always an alien hand that leans over to
Touch me. It flounders for a while reminding itself of my
Crevices, gently mocking at the carpet burns on my back,
Lingering on every memory that my body holds as secrets.
It’s not easy, darling, to erase a man from the body,
It’s much easier to measure longings…
There are other things, darling, that I wish to tell you, but
Oh, that wretched piano…

Now Playing:: Neele neele amber par........Kishore Kumar

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Why do you speak strange languages, darling,
You see, I don’t know all of them. Oh, what was
That word you wrote last night? ‘Roué’, was it not?
Oh, it hurt me when I looked up for it, how could you
Say that to me?

But now that it’s over, I shall go out for a long walk
That I had always wanted to. You never understood it
Darling, it was only your smell that I was after. Maybe,
I’ll take the walk tomorrow, the bloke at the end of the
Street has just begun to play the piano.

Now Playing:: Aapke anurodh pe.........Kishore Kumar