Sunday, February 28, 2010

Signature of Time

“But Time will heal everything.”

“Oh, there you go again. Don’t let yourself be deceived by hollow maxims… let the world amuse itself in those hallucinations.”

“No. It couldn’t be that absurd as you make it sound to be. Do you have to disagree on everything?”

(Laughs) I’m not sorry for that. The fact is, people will believe everything except the simple, downright, plain truth.”

“Which would be?”

“You know Time is the most foolish concept that human beings could have invented. They know it very well that they can’t win over Time, yet look at all the useless races which they run… they’re too small to win and when they lose, look how manipulative they get… they say, Time will heal everything! Bastards!”

“But it does heal.”

“Oh, don’t put all that “healing” crap on me, what the hell has Time healed till date? Zilch! The truth is, Time does nothing, except putting our lives into three sexy categories, Past, Present, and Future… fuck them if you like or be an impotent and wait for Time to give you a Viagra. Good luck!”

“Past is dead and gone my friend, the present is messy, and the future, ah, that’ll always come in the end! Don’t let me stop in Time…”

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Abhishek said...

but what's life without those maxims, its all about selling some HOPE darling ;)

Anonymous said...

"and the future, ah, that'll always come in the end"
wow i love it

Anonymous said...

As the sensuous serpent raised its hungry hood,
Young men smirked, “How insanely awful?
If it weren’t for her angry mood,
Her tongue, which is spewing venom,
Would have been frothing with lust till doom.

Deepika said...

It froths beneath bald beds,
Not for the lesser lords of lust,
Nor to coquet flesh with flesh,
But for a prosaic frisson,
Which makes the serpent hiss
Exactly where the sweet birds sing!