Monday, August 25, 2008

The Final Soliloquy

“ You all know how enormously i bulk in your lives, in your neighborhood, in your cogitations, why, i even bulk in the books you read. I have enjoyed this quasi-divine status conferred on me for eons, but now the job’s getting monotonous, and i’m tired of being constantly occupied with human relationships. Either you people do not understand me, or i do not understand your expectations of me; and this my dear followers is no rhetoric. Ever since the time of creation, we have been badly mixing our perspectives; my endless readjustings to your ceaseless hunger, has to end at some point of time, and i fear that the crash is coming, and its coming soon. The warning signs are so clear and it is up to you to pick them up before its just too late!! ”

“ At times i pity your ignorance, because of the wide range of illusions that you attach to me, and one of them being, that i’ll be ‘ permanent ’. I can laugh out loud on that one, but unfortunately i cant laugh at myself. How can i ever be ‘ permanent ’, when all you living beings offer me is a world of shifting relationships, liable-to change; decisions, and you look at me for reassurance, and i try to balance your life, like a juggler for the sake of that illusion that you have so cleverly attached to me. But its difficult to accept that you guys have transformed me into a social habit. Probably, yet another measure on your part to ensure my permanency in your world!! ”

“ It pains me when i see most of you swooning for my cousin, instead of me. I hate the fact that we are relatives of a different order. I’ll be very brief and dry about him in the first place. Some years after you are born, certain changes take place within you and these changes lead to union with other human beings for the production of more human beings. That was supposed to be the sole function of my poor cousin and it was designed that you guys can gain an acquaintance with him only after you have satisfied ‘me’ in the first place; but over the years, tables have turned and my cousin has bullied me enough and usurped me of my high order. But i don’t care, for whatever you say or do, its me who will have the last word.”

“ I know i’m complicated, but you have made me so. When you are under my jurisdiction, you try to get something, and you also try to give something. Gosh! It is this double standards of you people that has made me selfish and altruistic at the same time. I was fated to pass slowly; creating those tingling sensations of happiness, and bringing to life that fourth dimension; the pursuit of which, has been there since creation. I hardly have the drive to provide further assistance to your pursuit and therefore i quit, and i quit in style. I’ll enjoy the spectacle of the world functioning without me.”

" Well, i’m that loser called……….Love."

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p.s:: The side effects of reading the Love Story for the fifth time.

Monday, August 18, 2008


“ You never talked about your dad? What does he do?”

“ I don’t have one.”

“ You mean he’s dead?”

“ No.”

“ So your parents are separated?”

“ I never had parents………..all i ever had, was, a mother….”

“ ohhh……you mean………you are a…….i mean…….god, how does it feel to be one without a father……..i mean…… know, what the society calls people like you?”

“ How does it “feel” to be one? Just thank god that you are not like me…… birth determined people’s attitude towards me………they’ll make sure that I die a bastard death……….”


Something for social justice, equality, and independence!!

If all the academic phraseology, and all the polite niceties of description and simile are sacrificed to plain speaking, then what does the society call a person, who does not have a father’s name? Bastard. That’s what he/she is referred to as. Nothing else matters. A person who is bastard by birth, remains a bastard through out life and even in death carries the appellation of a bastard. The word sums his/her life, rendering his condition no better than a cripple; at times even worse. He exhausts his life under the shadow of a father, who was never there; yet forms an indelible part of his personality; a name, which belongs to him, but he cannot ask for it……he isn’t legitimate enough!!

We never question our birth, coz we always had a “ father ” around us. Being born and dieing are common phenomenon for us, coz we belong to the “ legitimate ” clan of the society. But why bother to talk about bastards; we have no time for these “ misfits ”: we have other things to do, things that will please us a lot more, says the world. But we do find time, to taunt them by a mock show of sympathy, coz a legitimate can never empathize with an illegitimate. But acceptance is a feat in itself.

The world has progressed. However, our justice, after thousands of years of striving to create justice among ourselves, still remains childishly primitive. We are trained to defend and prosecute, to juggle with words and distort facts, as the conventional morality defines things in our lives.

And after all is said and done, what shall set the seal of justification on the actions, urges and lives of these “ misfits ” ? Is it lineage alone which determines our attitude towards them?

But are not bastards born out of love?

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Her Seance, His Sojourn

He: “ Nothing seems to have changed over here…………….its still the same.”

She: “ Some things and nature never change, dear.”

He: “ Yeah….it has been a long time, since my…………”

She: “ How does it matter now? You had a hunger for eternity.”

He: “ It must have been painful for you………..but, I never actually saw you cry…”

She: “ It seemed to me that you long had been on the confines of the next world. I grieved then that I could not grieve, infact…………..i seem to love the house you died at more passionately, than when you lived……..”

He: “ So it was good riddance for you?”

She: “ I had to retaliate. You were selfish enough to leave me behind……….how could i let you win the race……….you are therefore, still here………no matter how cold you seem to touch……..that was my way of having the last laugh…”

He: “ Last laugh?? Stop kidding!! That’s quite an excuse for running away from reality.”

She: “ Whatever.”

He: “ But whats the point in clinging to this relationship……….clinging to a non entity; physically and emotionally unavailable?”

She: “ You know what………at times a relationship is more marvelous than the people involved in it……..”

He: “ Oh, just cut that crap…… think, you can pass through the world without ever colliding with it……… is not a spectacle!!”

She: “ Well, life to me is just a spectacle, which…….thanks to you, is now more beautiful and heartening than it has ever been before………I’m fated to pass this way……”

He: “ Then why don’t you join me……….i’m already ahead of you in this race…”

She: “ I will, in due time……….”

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Friday, August 8, 2008


It was drizzling; a drizzle where individual drops have their own stories to tell. The breeze; fresh and damp; making the drizzle dance to its tune, compelled her heart to recover itself in the interval, and rise and sound like music played to a happy tune. She smiled, coz she knew that she had finally made peace with herself; an act, that had stretched itself to an unconscionable length of time. She had learnt to forgive herself!!

There was still a leaning towards him, but the true relishing was over, the close familiar friendship; dissolved. But, oh, she wanted to cry; one last time. She tried but, couldnt. She shouted, she screamed. Nothing reached her ears; except a fresh shower of rain coming. The pain remained. Unreleased. The nameless pain from which one feels there can be no way out, other than absolute despair.

In an agony of emotion, she found her way mechanically into the adjoining room, and fell on her knees by the side of his bed. She knew she could never move on. Thinking of a thought, without an ineffectual turning and reference to him was unattainable. It was clear, she thought, that it was love for a real person, however transient it may have been.

" Acknowledgement of her own feelings ", was the only indemnity that she could offer to her grieving heart. Images of the past exceeded beyond, memories................reminding her of what they had been, and seemed to offer a surer ground for resting on..................than the things which were there today and maybe gone tomorrow...........

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Monday, August 4, 2008

In Reply...

I think we are stretching this discussion regarding the credibility of the secret a little beyond the purlieu of its resistance, but ours is a free country, and each one of us is equally free to voice his/her opinions. Now, Miss Abhu, your contribution in the previous post was highly welcome, but it would have been much better if you could pick up that unwritten corollary. It isnt your fault; my apparatus for communication was totally dis-functional over there, so this post is entirely for you. To be taken in the right spirit!!

To begin with; i have no problem with the law whatsoever; but the fact that it hoodwinks the believer or the general public for that matter cannot be ruled out. Ok, so it stresses on how badly you want your wish to come true. Lets suppose that you wished for something, you asked for it, and followed the other rules to make it come true. And Bingo!! it does come true!! So its now certified that you wanted that thing too badly; you deserved it, and therefore the whole of the universe conspired in arranging that one for you.

Now you say that all of us follow the law of attraction unconsciously. If that is true, then how would you explain the hungry stomachs with which most people sleep every night?? You cannot deny the fact that a hungry man's need for food is more intense than anything else on this earth. He keeps asking for it all the time, then why doesnt the law of attraction work for him?? Or does it work only for people who are clever enough to put their wishes in writing and go around thanking the universe even before the wish is materialized??

Then would you deny accepting this fact that, " nothing can bring happiness in you; except you. " But dnt you think that by following this law, you are actually conditioning your happiness?? The moment you start wishing, you also start that process of conditioning, not realising that happiness lies within; those wishes can just add to that happiness, however they cannot initiate the feeling.

The law then says that all you have to do is, " just make a wish ". Then its the job of the universe to bring that thing to you. Well life couldnt have been much easier, isnt it?? Doesnt it sound to be perfect chicanery? Whatever happened to the age old concept of hard work and success being directly proportional to each other?? But then who would you like to share your success with; an unseen force that granted your wish, or your own sweat?? Would you be bold enough to accept that the universe is responsible for all your success, while your effort was almost negligible, coz all you did was a mere " wish "??

Now this is where Illusions scores a perfect 10. It says

" You are never given a wish
without also the power to
make it come true.
You may have to work for it however!! ''

Life is not all about following laws, and attracting things; its all about making choices. Its about trusting that if we work hard at finding solutions to our problems, then things will turn out for the best. Wat say??

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ek Packet Umeed

Read this post on Dave's blog and that got me thinking. I wont blame you if you fail to understand, coz it sure is a muddled construction, or maybe my apparatus for communication is not attuned with your apparatus for reception. Now before you start scrolling, make sure you've read his post, coz i'm too lazy to divulge details, and in the absence of details this post is total junk!!

Now, all of us have heard about the Law of Attraction; not as in between the sexes, but attraction between the animate and the inanimate, animate and animate, and the inanimate and its counterpart. Our unconscious intervention ( at times consciously as well ) with the universe attracts and creates everything thats happening in our lives. This is the pivot around which the Secret seems to revolve. The secret says that, one can pull his dreams into tangible reality, by simply asking for it...........its just a " wish " away........

Its more like offering a packet of hope. The concept says believing is everything. But believing in the concept itself brings us to the acceptance of the fact that an increasing number of people seek happiness, which is based on conditions. The concept may or may not work, depending upon the intensity of fulfillment of your said wish. You feel better if it works, but it does have the power to mess with your mind, if it doesnt. Nobody likes doubting or reviewing his/her aims and ambitions, just coz of the failure of one concept; which seems to be coincidence anyway. How can there ever be a short cut to success? But, unfortunately there are enough buyers and sellers!!

The concept looked so accessible the first time i read about it. I tried. It worked as well. But somewhere down the road i was reduced to the status of a beggar, looking towards the universe to fix things and bail me out of situations uncalled. But is it not a pleasure to make mistakes and learn from them, how else are human beings expected to evolve!

The Universe functions in a strange manner, and the human mind needs the aid of a lot of judicious practices, to stretch the ordinary into the cosmic, and pull the ethereal down to the tangible.

Maybe the concept isnt that absurd as it sounds to be, and as the saying goes, " Never deprive someone of hope. It maybe all they have. " Believe me guys all self help books swear by that formula!!

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