Friday, January 29, 2010


The air began to grow dusky and I knew
The sea was somewhere near. Whiffs of sand too,
The sea couldn’t be far now. “Holla there woman,
Don’t go that way, it aint safe there!” a voice neither
Male nor female came slapping in the dusk,
And then I heard it no more.

“You need sleep darling, lots and lots of it”, the
Waves were strong and silent but the sea was
A silhouette. The sand reeking of blood and
Sodium and darkness purled beneath my
Stumbling feet. The shore was unlit, but the
Book had to be read!

The waves grew predictable as my eyes
Licked the black inanity from the pages of
The book. “You, woman get out of here!” a shapeless
Voice came at me, blinding me with a sudden
Jolt of his boot on my chest. I think I heard myself
Scream but it was just the sodium in the brain.

The book lay somewhere far, even farer than the sea.
Pages rustled in the dusky sea air, and I remember
Crawling towards it, groveling in my own flesh and blood.
My private voice was dead and so was the sea and
In my climb back to the land I heard him saying,
“You need sleep darling, lots and lots of it!”

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

In Love with Ms Dixit's Hands!

p.s: Since all of us survived as jolly candidates for twenty-ten, so for everyone connected with this space I've just one word: PROSPER