Monday, March 30, 2009

At Noon...


A flash.
Of strange thoughts?
Of words, vying.

More flashes; more words.

A poetic fit.
Brief yet lasting,
Silent yet echoing.

An explosion.

Blurred thoughts;
A waiting, and
Then the lines.


A scream
Rings through the house,
With the calling-bell!
Someone sneezes, and

Its over,
Prose returns!

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Friday, March 27, 2009

of Friends Among Other Things!

Just when my actions were making me feel rather wretched, my cell phone beeped with these messages:

Someday, when all of us will get busy with our lives….long working hours, no more classes, lectures, friends, and messages…..won’t even have time for ourselves… such a day when you’ll look outside the window and remember the good old days………when memories will flash you by……you will get a smile with a tear in your eye and you would get back to your work, thinking I wish I could relive those days all over again…..

Ek din zindagi aise mukam pe pahunch jayegi….dosti toh sirf yaadon mein reh jayegi…har cup coffee yaad doston ki dilayegi….aur haste haste phir aankhein nam ho jayegi…office ke chamber mein classroom nazar aayegi….par chahne pe bhi proxy nahin lag payegi……paisa toh bahut hoga, magar unhe lutane ki wajah hi kho jayegi….jee le khulke is pal ko mere dost kyunki zindagi ye palon ko phir se nahin dohrayegi!

As I said I was feeling rather wretched and there was no way I could originate similar sentiments and get all mushy over friends and friendship in general, but as the clutter began to clear itself and I re-read those messages, I kind of liked them, but duh, “hang it all”, I thought!

Undergrad days are coming to an end, but the learning process has just begun. One thing I’ve already learnt is that: you necessarily do not pay off friends by telling them that you haven’t got for them what they want from you, in other words tell them what they want to listen, yeah you heard me right, be a hypocrite!

You might hate me reader, but I can’t help it! I can’t call these people ‘friends’ who made me write complaints against one of my much loved professors accusing him of sexual harassment. I wish I could put to death each of those pretty ladies for their obnoxious narrow thinking. People, who denied me of choices with all their high talk about unity and respect, are friends of a different order, you won’t mind forgetting them. So much for working in a group! These people believed in sudden conversions, a belief which maybe right, but which seems peculiarly attractive to only half-baked minds!

Three years of hypocrisy is enough. I had enough!

But I’m glad, for the more people one knows; the easier it becomes to replace them.

This again reminds me of a conversation with a good friend of mine, who once asked:

“Must needs be always the overriding consideration? Does not a life long friendship mean anything to you?”

The guy who asked me that unfortunately ran short of life, and it has been a lot harder to find replacements. Boy, why do we always seem to look out for familiar moorings to latch on to?

However, this outer life, though horrid at times, has also been the real one….there has been some amount of grit in it. It did breed character!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

She's Gay!

She had heard them say,
“Give him all, give him all.”
‘Let me go’, she screams.
‘It won’t take too long’, he says,
Cold and uncaring like the moon;
A constant rumbling of naked flesh,
A pain inflicted; a hunger satiated.

‘I am done’, he says and,
Lies exhausted at the edge of sleep.
‘Can I hide myself now’, she cries?
‘Like I care’, he says and
Out he walks!

Several eyes peep in,
Somebody exclaims,
‘Why is the rainbow red today?’
Another screams,
“Its too late, it’s too late.”
Another says,
‘There are worse lives!’
She laughs.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I’m no creative writer but this post reminded me of something in that regard!

It has been a long time, but A it was I think who suggested this notion of dreams and creativity being proportional to each other. An ill-read person that I was back then couldn’t contribute much except a lame notion of creativity being directly proportional only to one’s leisure and everything else being secondary. But his words did make sense to me albeit much later in life. And since I consider myself a better reporter of the ideas of other people than expounder of my own, here’s an altered account of the conversation we had some five years back!

A: ‘I wonder what sort of dreams might be coming to him.(him referring to Richard Bach, A was on a high after reading Illusions.) How could he write a book like this!’

Me: ‘what have dreams got to do with writing a book, yaar?’

A: ‘you know it is generally believed that most writers create their characters in dreams.’

Me: ‘huh…you mean to say that people plan their dreams….that’s an absurd philosophy.’

A: ‘yeah, it sounds absurd but I had read somewhere that the degree of the soul’s creativeness in sleep is much higher than the quantum of creative faculty resident in the same soul when it is waking.’

Me: ‘well you could be wide awake and still be dreaming…’

A: ‘but, dreams still remain the common denominator of creativity.’

But, if characters are indeed a copy of the mind’s conceptions in sleep-then what a copy it indeed is! The mere thought of creating a word-mass, assigning a name, sex and plausible gestures to it, taming it, and clothing it with the attributes of flesh and blood, gives me a high that no intoxicants ever could!

I wish I had a creative faculty rich enough to do the above mentioned things. I would have created a perfect man for myself, who would’ve entertained me all night with the manifestation of some wild and magnificent thoughts. Gosh, the mere thought of it, makes me prone to strange whisperings at my ear. In spite of that, all I’m capable of documenting are the shifting mutations of my ever rambling dreams.

I’m yet to have that “fine dream” which people keep talking about. Who knows I might get lucky tonight!

Catch ya later guys!

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