Thursday, March 14, 2013


It's midnight and you're not home,
you're heading a conspiracy.
Soon there'll be a massacre which
the papers shall report
for you wouldn't tell me
fearing I might call it
one of your passing fancies
or worse
I could hold you back
with sex.

It's midnight and you're not home
and there's a message
on the phone saying,
"Ah, D. I miss you."
The sender threatens to love me more
than I love you so I
drafted a dirty letter to him
detailing how thoroughly you
would enjoy me on your return.
He puked on it
called me a crazy fucked-up girl.

It's midnight and you're not home darling
and so I must be out now
to drown the season's last massacre
in the streets
so that when you return
I would tell you that
I couldn't prevent a massacre at home
the termites colonised your
bookshelves completely.

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